Alyson and I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the outstanding outcome you and your team have achieved with our landscaping project. We embarked on this project with some apprehension as to whether or not we were doing the right thing particularly having in mind the anticipated 10 to 12 week construction period and the cost. However, the final outcome is beyond our expectations and already we have received many complimentary comments on your work. You and the team are to be congratulated on, not only a fabulous outcome, but also the way in which you have conducted yourselves throughout the project. You and the team are a credit to your profession.

Scott, I would like you and others to know the things Alyson and I believe set you apart from others we have dealt with in the industry over the years and that have contributed to such a successful outcome at our home:

  1. The professional manner in which you initially discussed the project, arranged for detailed plans to be drawn, redrawn and redrawn again without fuss, the detailed quotation and your preparedness to look for cost saving measures and the continuing discussion of the plans throughout the project. We always had confidence the project was proceeding as planned and felt we had control over the cost;
  2. The professional manner in which you and all of your team conduct yourselves. The polite and obliging manner displayed by all team members, not just to us, but also our neighbours ensured a pleasant and harmonious work environment at all times. We appreciated being advised and understanding the day by day timetable;
  3. The attention to detail displayed by the team and the willingness to discuss alternative approaches should the need arise. The same team members and yourself on site  every day ensured a thorough and consistent understanding of the project and our objectives;
  4. The professional manner in which you were able to work with other tradesman required for the project also contributed to a harmonious work environment;
  5. All that said would be done has been completed to a very high standard and largely within the budget allocated.

Thank you Scott……. we are confident you will continue to succeed in your industry (even during the tough times) simply because you place such a high value on your reputations and conduct your business accordingly.