13 reasons

why homeowners, businesses, developments and resorts have chosen and trusted us to design, construct and maintain their landscaping since 1988…

Peace of mind

You receive peace of mind because we have extensive experience and confidence in working with a wide range of site conditions and localities, materials, plants and themes.

No Sub Contractor Headaches

Save time, money and potential disappointment. Using our vast experience and technical knowledge, we complete all works in-house. You will not have to deal with several different trades.

Service Delivery

Whether your project is small urban courtyard makeover, or a large landscape project, we will always deliver exceptional, personal service and communication throughout the project and beyond.

Award Winning Services

Coastscape Services are the Gold Coast’s  Award Winning Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractor

2-year Guarantee

We are extremely confident in the standard of our workmanship and to prove it, you receive a 2-year written, watertight guarantee on all our work. This Guarantee coupled with our Queensland Building and Construction Commission Licence (structural landscaping), and Queensland Association of Landscape Industries Certified Landscape Professional qualification; is your surety of ethical and friendly professionalism.

No Corner Cutting

Your project will be given the utmost care and attention; – we do not cut costs by cutting corners.

Landscaping that adds value to your lifestyle

We’re the experts in creating the landscape that gives you the look, feel and theme you want, that’s not only stunning to look at, but is practical and adds value to your lifestyle.

Solid Reputation

We’ve been in business since 1988 on the Gold Coast. No bankruptcy, No name changes, no marks against our name from any of the licensing or professional bodies to which we belong. Just good service, reputable work and a solid reputation.

Increased property value

Your home or project is one of the biggest investments you’ll make which is why carefully planned and well executed landscaping will add significant value (usually well in excess of your outlay) to your property – this is something that we take into consideration, and will capitalise on during the design process.

Quality materials

Materials to be used on this project will be of the highest quality. If we have nominated the use of materials with which you are not familiar, I would be happy to provide samples and explain the benefits of the product/s, and to address any other questions you may have.

Highly experienced, professional team

Our staff are highly qualified, experienced and friendly, and will impose the absolute minimum of disruption in carrying out your landscape project.

Local, National and International Experience

Our work has taken us up and down the Eastern Seaboard, from North Queensland south to Adelaide, as well as other locations such as Fiji, New Zealand & the USA, but the large majority of our work is on our “home turf” – the Gold Coast.

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Company

We recognise the expectations of our own staff, suppliers, customers and the community in relation to environmental protection and product quality. We commit to managing our environmental effects and wastes far further than just our legal obligations. Furthermore, we strive to continually improve all our operations and specifically commit to:

  • Apply current best practice standards for environmental management
  • Improve efficiency of our operations to minimise water and raw material use, energy consumption, waste and pollution generation.
  • Continue to recycle up to 100% of all waste produced from your project, and to incorporate recycled materials into the project where possible.