Hi Scott,

It’s been a few months now since you finished our landscaping work, and I just thought I’d send you and your team our heartfelt thanks for turning our barren slope into such an attractive garden and outdoor area. The plants are now starting to get a kick along and are looking lovely and we’ve had many enjoyable evening on the decking and spa area, admiring the lights of the coast. I know we had a very awkward area to work with and most landscapers would have turned on their heels and fled after the first meeting. But you and the boys we not daunted and tackled the difficulties head on-even to the extent of having to dig footholds into the slope to stay upright to being the work! Your concept plan and landscaping layout suited it perfectly. We are now able to enjoy walking along FLAT pathways and are able to admire the views. We receive many compliments from friends and family who are amazed by its transition. The council officer who inspected the work has even returned to take photos so he can show other landowners, in his works, “a perfect example of how to intelligently manage water run off on a sloping block”. He was most impressed! Our compliments to you – it was so convenient to have our work looked after by such a competent and easy to work with team. Everything was taken care of from brick retaining walls, rock work, plantings, decking and pergolas – it was great having the one company look after everything – it made it so easy for us. We could certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a A-Z professional landscaper. Thanks again Scott and team, it was a pleasure to work with you.